Global interest high in Hyderabad’s 2017 World Congress of Optometry

Global interest high in Hyderabad’s 2017 World Congress of Optometry

With more than 200 abstracts submitted to date, the 2nd World Congress of Optometry in Hyderabad, India will be a landmark gathering of optometry and eye care professionals, 11- 13 September 2017.  Following the announcement by Dr Susan Cooper, then-President of the World Council of Optometry (WCO), at the inaugural World Congress of Optometry in Colombia on 13 August 2015, interest has been growing steadily.  The congress will be hosted by the India Vision Institute (IVI) in partnership with WCO and is expected to attract around 2000 delegates and 70 exhibitors from across the world.

“India has been gaining the attention on the world map of optometry through remarkable advances in education, research and combating preventable blindness. We look forward to having our next Congress in Hyderabad. We are also delighted that we can partner with IVI, an institution which stands for positioning optometry as a key player in eye care delivery through its impressive range of initiatives across India,” said Dr Cooper.

Welcoming the decision, IVI CEO, Vinod Daniel said: “The Congress will prove to be a landmark in the history of Indian optometry and will accelerate the positive change that is happening in Indian optometry. IVI continues to work with government, health authorities, eye care professionals, academic institutions and industry to make a sustainable difference for provision of eye care in India; and this conference will be a celebratory milestone for India.”

Prof Kovin Naidoo, the current conference chair and interim CEO of the Brien Holden Vision Institute added: “Uncorrected refractive error remains a major cause of avoidable vision impairment and the second most common cause of blindness in India, with 39.3 million people affected. This huge number indicates the need for trained professionals, collective efforts and equitable solutions. The conference will help in taking a step towards these growth indicators by highlighting the cause and what optometry is achieving globally and in India.” 

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