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Fellowship programme

World Council of Optometry Fellowships

The WCO invites applications for WCO Fellowships. These Fellowships are intended to support the goals and objectives of the WCO. The highest priority for fellowships are innovative projects which result in long-term sustainable results.  Areas of priority are education; advocacy; public health; standards; and policy and legislation. Support can be for the cost of carrying out a project which may include travel. Typical maximum amount of funding is $2,000 U.S. although for high priority projects the funding may be more. Projects which may lead to other sources of funding are encouraged. In the case of high priority projects as determined by the committee multi-year projects may be considered. Travel bursaries for the purpose of attending a meeting or eye camps for vision screenings are not considered a high priority.

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Fellowship Reports:


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Fellowship – India-Canada (July 2013)