Scope of Practice Questionnaire

The WCO Legislation, Registration and Standards Committee has developed a questionnaire to capture the scope of practice around the world. This work has been funded jointly by the Norwegian Association of Optometry and the UK’s College of Optometrists.

Why is this needed?

Data from the questionnaire will be used to identify gaps in practice. WCO member countries will be able to use this information when preparing their own strategies for developing optometry in their region.

This clearly represents a very valuable member benefit as most of the data will only be available for internal use by member countries and regions.

Completing the questionnaire

It is important that there is one contact person in each country who is responsible for completing, in consultation with other professionals, and submitting, the questionnaire.

If you would like to complete the questionnaire for your country, please contact

Scope of Practice Research

Completed questionnaires

Below is a list of countries who have already completed the questionnaire.

Antigua and Barbuda Fiji Mexico Serbia
Argentina Finland Nepal Slovenia
Australia France Netherlands South Africa
Austria Germany New Zealand Sweden
Belgium Guyana Nigeria Switzerland
Bulgaria Hong Kong Norway Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Ireland Peru Turkey
Croatia Italy Philippines UK
Cyprus Japan Poland Ukraine
Czech Republic Latvia Portugal USA
Denmark Korea Puerto Rico Visit website
Ecuador Malaysia Saudi Arabia

Please find below the Power Point Presentation given by the President at ECOO’s General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland in 2012.