Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 ‘A Vision for Optometry’s Future’

Strategic Plan 2012-14 Our Strategic Plan reflects the Advocacy Strategy for 2014-2017 adopted by the Governing Board in November 2013, which emphasizes Optometry’s intrinsically important role in solving the global problem of Uncorrected Refractive Errors (UREs).  This Strategy fits with the World Health Organization Global Plan 2014-2019, which aims to further improve eye health, reduce avoidable visual impairment and secure access for rehabilitation services and sets up a global target to reduce the prevalence of avoidable visual impairment by 25 percent by 2019.

Next, the WCO Governing Board held a Strategic Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique 15 June 2014. Here, the Governing Board dissected the successes and unmet challenges from the Strategic Plan 2012-2014, with the intent of giving early direction for the drafting of the next Strategic Plan (2016-2020). This Plan sets out the future direction of WCO and identifies  Strategic Themes that we will work towards over the coming years.

Download a pdf of the 2012-14 Strategic Plan