Biennial Congress

The WCO’s Role in Optometric Leadership – Biennial Congresses

  • The committee’s primary role is to manage, with our regional and national partners, the biennial World Congress of Optometry, next scheduled for 11-13 September in Hyderabad, India. For more information, click here.
  • As a membership organization, the World Council of Optometry (WCO) collectively represents over 200,000 optometrists internationally through more than 200 affiliate, associate, corporate and individual memberships across six world regions. Regional Associations are formally recognized as Trustees on the board of the WCO. The WCO continues to strive to work collaboratively with the regional bodies and to understand the challenges they face within their region in relation to the delivery of eye health and vision care and to build a relationship with regional World Health Organization (WHO) offices. The WCO proactively encourages all national associations to participate in their regional associations to enable a cohesive voice for patients and for the profession.
  • In order to provide opportunities for regional and national associations to present their education and clinical work, the WCO partnered with FEDOPTO and ALDOO to co-host the 1st World Congress in Medellin, August 2015. The WCO’s intention is to run a global congress biennially to harness global optometry’s voice for increasing access to patient as a basic human right as well as to empower optometrists with the necessary updates so that they can appropriately meet their mandate.