Congress Committee

The Congress Committee is responsible for World Congress planning and logistics.

  • The Congresses have served as an important advocacy platform for optometry as other development organisations and governments are exposed to optometry and a global perspective. In some countries, optometry is underdeveloped but they are allowed to see the potential of optometry through the other participants and their presentations.
  • The Congresses serve as an important platform for key issues that shape the future of our profession to be debated. In particular the President’s Forum which was developed as an adjunct to the Congress has been instrumental in guiding or influencing the strategy of WCO. It has been particularly beneficial in terms of getting input from Industry.
  • In partnering with different regional and national associations to hold the congresses, this has brought WCO closer to the regional or national associations. This is always a challenge in global organisations and we are fortunate to have this vehicle to assist us.