Dr. Ricardo Bretas, Regional Chair, Latin America (ALDOO)

Ricardo Bretas, O.D. graduated as an optometrist from the Fundacion Del Area Andina University, Bogota (2002). His post graduate degree is in orthopics from the International Foundation San Martin. He became a specialist in Behavioral Optometry and vision therapy with Sanet Vision Seminars, then worked post graduate in Orthoptics with an emphasis on Visual Rehabilitation with the Faculty of Health of Sao Paulo. He is now a Professor of Graduate Studies in Neuro-Optometry at the FASUP/Bas Institute.  

Dr. Breta’s highlights of participation in quality visual campaigns include: Civil Police of the State of Goiás-Goiânia-GO (2012),  Project Mozambique “See you Better” – Republic of Mozambique-Africa (2009), CEESAM-Special Education Center of Fern-Fern-DF (2007),  Kardiff-Pais de Galles-Special Olympics Opening Eyes (2002), Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry-11th Asian Pacific Optometric Congress-Korea (1997), and Southern College Optometry-Visual Prevention Campaign “El Sauzalito if Hace View”- Argentina (1995).  Highlights of his international experience include: President of Brazilian Council of Optics and Optometry (CBOO) -1999-2001/2003-2005/2011-2015 and Honorary President since 2005,  President Elect for 2017-2018 Latin American Association of Optics and Optometry (ALDOO), President of Bashir Institute of Education and Research, Clinical Director of the Brazilian Institute of Optics, Optometry and Visual Rehabilitation (IBOOL), Clinical Director of Special Olympics Lions International (Kardiff Welliis) and member of Education Committee of the World Council of Optometry in 1996.