Paul Folkesson, President-Elect

Paul Folkesson

Paul Folkesson is an authorized optometrist (by the National Board of Health and Welfare) since 1980, and since 1986 an authorized contact lens specialist. He bought his own private practice 1987 and sold the company in 2004. Since then he has acted as a consultant optometrist when needed within Sweden.

He is owner and CEO since 1999 in own consultant company, Synbar AB, working with Business, Board and Personal Development.

Paul has been annually elected as president for the Swedish Optometric Association (Optikerförbundet) since 1996 and held office as Editor in Chief for the Swedish Professional Journal (Aktuell Optik & Optometri) 1996-2005. He is a national delegate to the Nordic Optical Council (NOR) since 1996, and has been serving as President three times.

He became a national delegate to the European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO) in 1996, was elected as Executive Committee member from 2012, and is now serving as Immediate Past President of the ECOO Executive Committee.

He has served as a member of the ECOO Professional Services Committee for several years. During 2001-2003 he was elected to a working group with a mission to form new statutes and working methods for ECOO. In 2006-08 he chaired an ECOO working group focused on CET points from a European perspective together with Armin Duddek, SBAO, Switzerland and Peter Coe, GOC, U.K.

Since 2008 appointed by the Swedish Government as delegate of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints, (ARN). ARN is a public authority that functions roughly like a court, with main task to impartially try disputes between consumers and business operators.

From 2011-2012 he was a Government appointed delegate of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, Department of Quality Assurance, in the matter of quality audit of education programs.

Paul is a Founding member and Member of Board of Directors for the Swedish Industry of Optometry since 2005 and present.

As President for the Swedish professional association, Paul organizes and is responsible for the Swedish annual CET congress (Optometridagarna) including lecture programs and exhibition. Optometridagarna has grown to be the largest professional CET congress in the Scandinavian countries.