BVHI: Optometry Development – What Does it Mean to Truly Work Globally?

BVHI: Optometry Development – What Does it Mean to Truly Work Globally?

Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation believes people are best empowered to realise their full potential when the strategies of development are sustainable and integrated, managed and generated collectively by those who stand to benefit.

With this ethos firmly in mind, we have pursued innovation in developing the building blocks of the optometry profession by creating a range of specialty training to support the pioneer leaders of optometry and sustainable growth of optometry in each region. These initiatives are centred on educating these emerging leaders in their pioneer context by bringing together and providing a comprehensive and unprecedented spectrum of optometric education.

Our Optometry Faculty Development Initiative’s leading goal is to support and enhance the education of optometrists enrolled as faculty in emerging optometry schools across the world. It is a combination of the EyeTeach Program, a Managing Myopia course, an interactive Virtual Refractor and units addressing key social and development issues such as Gender Equity in Eye Health and Child Protection.  

EyeTeach© is a strategic teaching development program for optometry faculty across diverse contexts. It is designed to support institutional excellence and capacity. The EyeTeach program builds optometry educator confidence and competence to advance quality student outcomes and graduates. This is achieved by providing interactive, reflective and inquiry-based professional learning courses.

Faculty development is a tool for improving the educational vitality of institutions through attention to the competencies needed by individual teachers and institutes. This globalised initiative is enabling graduates and post-graduates to gain the necessary skill sets to be able to teach the new optometry students coming through the emerging schools of optometry in each location and region.

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