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Dwight Akerman

Dr. Dwight Akerman, WOF Trustee

Dr. Dwight Akerman is an internationally recognized senior healthcare leader with extensive experience in myopia management strategy, peer education & communications, medical marketing, innovation, financial management, and M&A/business development & licensing. Currently, he serves as the President of Global Visionary Consultants, LLC, and the Chief Medical Editor at Review of Myopia Management.

Dr. Akerman was the Vice President & Global Head of Professional Affairs & Business Development for Alcon before retiring from this role in 2019. He has published widely and is a frequently invited peer educator on myopia management, cornea, contact lens, and business management topics.

Dr. Akerman graduated cum laude from the Illinois College of Optometry and earned an MBA degree from the University of Texas. He has achieved the status of Diplomate of the American Academy of Optometry Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies Section, Fellow of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators, and Fellow of the British Contact Lens Association. He currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Akerman was elected to the World Optometry Foundation in 2017.