WCO Membership is open to organisations and individuals around the world, and comes with many benefits. Please review the membership types below.

There are three types of organisational membership: country, affiliate, and corporate. Please note only country and affiliate membership applications require organisational approval. Corporate, individual and student applications will be processed straight away.

Types of Membership:

Country Membership

For Country membership, organisations must:

  • Represent optometrists in a country, or a state with national significance
  • Have a written constitution or governing document
  • Endorse the WCO Concept of Optometry
  • Become a member of its regional organisation within three years of gaining WCO membership.

Our Country members include the American Optometric Association (AOA), the Federacion Colombiana de Optometras (FEDOPTO), Canadian Association of Optometrists, the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA), Japan Optometric Association, the Swedish Optometric Association, and many more.

Country Membership Application

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to individual organisations and institutions that represent special optometric interests, but do not satisfy all the conditions of country memberships.

The annual fee for Affiliate membership is US$845.00 per year.

Affiliate Membership Application

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to commercial organisations that are not otherwise eligible for country or affiliate membership and have a recognised and approved business relationship with a country, affiliate or individual member. Corporate members must endorse the WCO concept of optometry and support WCO’s vision and mission.

The annual dues for corporate membership is $900.00 per year.

Corporate Membership Application

Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to individual optometrists (as defined by WCO), vision scientists, faculty, researchers and eye care industry professionals.

The annual dues for individual membership is US $100.00 per year ($50 if the individual member is from a developing country).

Individual Membership Application

Student Membership

Student membership is open to optometry students who are currently enrolled in optometry school.

Student Membership Application

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