Dr. Ali Mirzajani was born on January 8, 1966. He completed his BSc degree of Optometry in 1989 and continued his academic career until he earned his PhD, and he is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Optometry Department of the Iran University of Medical Sciences. This department teaches and trains optometry students in three degrees of BSc, MSc and PhD.

Dr. Mirzajani has a long history and love for teaching, spanning nearly three decades. He is especially interested in clinical optometry activities, binocular vision and pediatrics.

Dr. Mirzajani is one of the founders of the Optometry Society in Iran and is currently the president of Iran Society of Optometry (IRSOPT). He also served as the Head of Education at the Iran University of Medical Sciences for a period, and now serves as an active Board Director of Optometry in Iran.

Dr. Mirzajani is not only interested in scientific research and has numerous articles and several patents in the field of optometry, but also has a thorough understanding of the rules related to optometry. Therefore, Dr. Mirzajani is one of the defenders and supporters of optometric rights in Iran.

In addition, Dr. Mirzajani strives to be in direct cooperation with the members of the Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry (EMCO) to promote Optometry in the region.