Our mission is to facilitate the development of optometry around the world and support optometrists in promoting eye health and vision care as a human right through advocacy, education, policy development and humanitarian outreach.

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Mr. Frank Magupa, AFCO Regional Representative

Mr. Frank Magupa holds BAppSc in Optometry from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia and a Diploma of Optometry from KCMC School of Optometry in Tanzania.

Mr. Magupa divides his time working between Tanzania and Australia. In Australia, he works as a clinical optometrist with Luxottica Retail Australia and is serving as the President of Ona Network Australia Inc.a registered eye care charity.

In Tanzania, Mr. Magupa serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Ona, a Tanzania based optometric non-government organization dedicated to promoting eye health in Tanzania.

Mr. Magupa has worn several awards including the fellowship of the Tanzania Optometric Association following his study and report on the distribution of refractive errors in Tanzania. He has received the Tanzania Optometrist of the year award, principally for his many years of working in the fight against cataract blindness and uncorrected refractive errors in remote and isolated communities in Tanzania. He is also the recipient of the XOVA award for his work in fighting cataract blindness in Tanzania.

Mr. Magupa served as the President of the Tanzania Optometric Association for two terms and is currently the President of the African Council of Optometry.