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Carly Lam photo_WCO

Prof. Carly Lam, APCO Regional Representative

Prof. Lam has a long-standing research interest in myopia and published over 50 papers on this topic. She received the OPO Bernard Gilmartin Award from the College of Optometrists for Research Excellence in 2015.

Currently Prof. Lam serves as a member of the Grant Review Board of the Research Council of the Food and Health Bureau of HKSAR and has served in the regulatory bodies of Optometry in Hong Kong; as a member of the Supplementary Medical Professions Council in Hong Kong, and a member of the Optometrists Board of Hong Kong.

She is a Member of the College of Optometrists (UK) and a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometrists. She is the honorary advisor of The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists, and an Honorary Member of The Association of Private Practice Optometrists.

Prof. Lam has served in the Asia Pacific Council of Optometry (APCO) and WCO in various roles for more than 10 years. She is currently the President of APCO, and a member of WCO Membership Committee.