WCO Fellowship Provides Notable Achievements in Nepal

Soon after graduating from the doctoral degree at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Nabin Paudel, Ph.D. applied for the World Council of Optometry (WCO) Teaching fellowship to teach paediatric optometry and visual electrophysiology to the undergraduate optometry students of Nepal. His proposal was approved by the WCO fellowship committee and Dr. Paudel joined the B P Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies, Institute of Medicine, Nepal, as a teaching fellow in August 2016.

“The Institute of Medicine is the only institute in Nepal that provides optometry education, Dr. Paudel said. “I delivered a total of 18 lectures along with hands-on demonstration on assessment, diagnosis and management of common paediatric vision disorders, including principle and practices of visual electrophysiology (ERG and VEP), to 20 students in Nepal from August to December 2016.”

Dr. Paudel said he was amazed by the enthusiasm and interest of the students regarding attendance at his lectures, and said there was an overwhelming presence of students. Even though the course was targeted for 3rd and 4th year students, there was a remarkable presence of students from all years.

In addition to delivering lectures to the students, Dr. Paudel actively participated in final year students’ project work proposal presentations.

“I am currently supervising two final year students who showed interest in paediatrics research, he said. “One of the students is comparing different paediatric charts and the other is looking at flash VEP in premature infants without retinopathy of prematurity.”

Notable achievements by Dr. Paudel as a direct result of his WCO fellowship include:

  1. Providing evidence based knowledge in the diagnosis and management of paediatric vision disorders such as refractive errors and amblyopia.
  2. Providing hands-on training on the use of commonly applied paediatric vision tests, in particular, preferential looking test and Sweep VEP.
  3. Providing suggestions on research proposals of final year project works and continuing supervision of students interested in paediatric vision research.

At the end of the five month session of the fellowship, Dr. Paudel  prepared an electronic form to receive students’ feedback of the course. Out of the 20 students attending the course, eight students provided feedback. Feedback from the students demonstrated that the course was useful to most of them and they were hopeful that the course would be largely beneficial to their professional practice.

The students were also interested in receiving similar courses in the future and were interested in having lectures on ophthalmic dispensing and contact lenses. In order to make sure the course will be continued for future students, Dr. Paudel has offered the lecture notes to course instructors of the program. If more funding and support is available, Dr. Paudel looks forward to further contributing to the optometry program of Nepal.

Dr. Paudel would like to offer his sincere thanks to the WCO and Mr. Bob Kinnear for their support at various levels.

Contact: Nabin Paudel, Ph.D.

Email: paudel.nabin@gmail.com

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Here’s what one student had to say:

“We had a great experience. We learned so many new things in a friendly manner. This was what we all needed for a long time – someone who can teach us in a way we can understand and apply. Also, someone who knows the area in depth. Personally, the classes were the best I’ve taken after joining the degree program.”