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The World Council of Optometry periodically hosts webinars regarding current topics in optometry today. Please check back for new videos and information as they become available.

WCO Myopia Management Webinar

January 27, 2021 8:00am-9:30am CST

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) presents the Myopia Management Webinar. Myopia has gained increased prominence as part of the global public health agenda, and given the plethora of information on myopia, WCO hosts a panel discussion with key experts. These experts will help us navigate the complex field of myopia and myopia management.

We thank our panelists and Dr. Gary Orsborn representing CooperVision and Ms. Olga Prenat representing Essilor for joining us.

WCO Myopia Management Webinar


Ian Flitcroft is a consultant pediatric ophthalmologist at the Children’s University Hospital, Dublin. He is also Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology in UCD and Adjunct Professor of Vision Science at the Technological University Dublin.  He has been involved in the field of experimental myopia for 25 years. As well as his research on the mechanisms guiding eye growth, he has been long term advocate for the public health implications of myopia and for the need for biological treatments of myopia. He is a lead investigator on several myopia treatment trials.

Indie is a qualified Dispensing Optician and Optometrist with 30 years experience within the Optical Industry. Shortly after qualifying as an Optometrist he joined Visioncare Research as a Research Optometrist. He opened his own Leightons Franchise in St Albans in 2001, as well as participating in contact lens clinical trials, he has a special interest in Myopia Management and Multifocal contact lens fitting. Indie’s passion for contact lenses has seen him work with major contact lens manufacturers and as a key opinion leader he has presented both in the UK and internationally. Indie is a BCLA Fellow and holds a diploma in Independent Prescribing.

Monica is the Executive Director of the International Myopia Institute (IMI), the global expert body focused on advancing myopia research, education and management to prevent future vision impairment and blindness from high myopia related complications.  Her research interests include refractive error, understanding myopia risk factors, myopia control, and the public health impacts. Monica has co-supervised graduate students, authored peer reviewed articles, and the WHO report on “The Impact of myopia and high myopia.”  She also co-created the BHVI global online myopia management education program and speaks regularly at key international meetings.

Dr. Liu is an Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry at UC Berkeley. The emphasis of her research and clinical expertise is the investigation and utilization of novel contact-lens designs and pharmaceuticals in myopia control. She is the founder and chief of the Myopia Control Clinic, the first of its kind in a teaching clinic; it now serves as a model for optometry schools across the country. Originally from Beijing, Liu practiced as an ophthalmologist in China before relocating to the US in 2000. She obtained her MBA prior to her OD training at Pacific University, College of Optometry. She also completed an MPH and a PhD at UC Berkeley.

Matt Oerding is a global business executive with over 20 years of leadership experience with Novartis, General Mills and General Electric. He has held leadership roles in marketing, strategy and general management in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, Matt focused his career on the health care sector, joining Novartis’ eye care division in 2001. Over the last 20 years, Matt has launched new contact lens products globally, led R&D pipeline efforts for new eye care devices, and been a country general manager running over $100 million businesses with full P&L accountability. In 2015 Matt co-founded Treehouse Eyes, a retail eye care business focused on new models to treat myopia in children. Matt is the CEO of Treehouse Eyes, which now has 23 locations in 11 states across the United States focused on treating myopic children. Matt is also the Board Chair for the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC), a coalition of 15 companies and associates in eye care focused on driving public awareness of childhood myopia and treatment options.


Matt lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and 2 daughters.

Fuensanta Vera-Diaz received a PhD in Optometry from the University of Bradford, UK, for her work investigating optical and neural influences on visual performance in myopia. She then undertook a postdoctoral research position at the New England College of Optometry (NECO) to investigate oculomotor factors that may predict phenotypes at risk for myopia. As a research fellow at Schepens Eye Research Institute at Harvard Medical School, she conducted studies that have significant implications on the prescription of optical devices and vision enhancement aids for patients with visual impairment. Dr. Vera-Diaz is currently tenured Associated Professor at NECO.


Dr. Vera-Diaz has developed a successful research program at NECO, funded by the NIH. She investigates mechanisms contributing to the development of myopia, specifically, optical, retinal and visual processing structures and functions of the human visual system. She also leads the Myopia Control Clinic at NECO.


Dr. Vera-Diaz has a strong publication record, with many peer-reviewed publications in high-quality peer-reviewed journals related to myopia and several book chapters. This is a link to her up-to-date list of her NCBI publications. She serves as a reviewer for multiple vision science journals, including IOVS, and is a reviewer in NIH special emphasis study panel sections.


The World Council of Optometry thanks CooperVision and Essilor for their generous support of this webinar.