World Council of Optometry

Leadership Program

The Advocacy for Eye Health course in partnership with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, will enable future eye health leaders to use advocacy strategies to effect change at the policy and practice levels.

The original course was conducted face-to-face with participants in Mozambique, Nigeria and Lebanon.  In order to bring the workshop more participants, the decision was made to offer a virtual course in 2019.  This 3-month course  included virtual modules and required the development of a capstone project by all the participants.

Seventeen optometrists from 5 regions, including the countries of  Vietnam, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Mexico and Cameroon participated. Many of the capstone projects have come to fruition following the successful completion of the course. The real challenge is occurring now as participants engage with key health officials and political leaders to ensure access to eye care services via policy change.

WCO looks forward to offering this course again in 2021!  More details to follow!

2021 Leadership Program

The American Academy of Optometry (AAO) has provided $25,000 in funding for the 2021 Leadership Program. We thank the AAO for their support in developing optometric leaders to facilitate the development of optometry around the globe.