Country Members

Argentina Asociacion Profesional de Optometras
Australia Optometry Australia
Bolivia Asociación Boliviana de Optometria
Cameroon Cameroon Association of Optometrists
Canada Canadian Association of Optometrists
Chile Colegio de Opticos y Optometras de Chile AG
Colombia Federacion Colombiana de Optometras (FEDOPTO)
Ethiopia Ethiopian Optometric Association
Fiji Fiji Optometric Association
France Association des Optometristes de France
Ghana Ghana Optometric Association
Guyana Guyana Association of Optometrists
Hong Kong Hong Kong Optometric Association
Hong Kong Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists
India Indian Optometric Association (IOA)
India Optometry Council of India (OCI)
Iran Iranian Society of Optometry
Iraq Iraqi Association for Technical Optometrists
Ireland Association of Optometrists Ireland
Israel Israel Council of Optometrists
Italy Federottica
Jamaica Jamaica Optometric Association
Japan All Japan Optometric & Optical Association (AJOOA)
Jordan Jordanian Optometric Syndicate
Kenya Optometrists Association of Kenya
Lebanon Syndicat des Opticiens et Optometristes du Liban
Malaysia Association of Malaysian Optometrists
Mexico AMFECCO (Mexican Association of Faculties School, Colleges and Councils )
Nepal Nepalese Association of Optometrists
New Zealand New Zealand Association of Optometrists
Nigeria Nigerian Optometric Association
Palestine Palestinian Council of Optometry and Optics
Philippines Optometric Association of the Philippines
Portugal Associaçao de Profissionais Licenciados de Optometria (APLO)
Portugal Uniao Profissional dos Opticos e Optometristas Portugueses (UPOOP)
Puerto Rico Colegio de Optometras de Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia Saudi Society of Optometry (SSO)
Singapore Singapore Optometric Association
South Africa South African Optometric Association
Spain Consejo General de Colegios de Opticos-Optometristas (CGCOO)
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Optometric Association
Sudan Sudan Optometrist Union
Sweden Optikerforbundet-Swedish Optometric Association
Switzerland Optikschweiz-der Verband fur Optometrie und Optik
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Optometrists Association
Uganda Optometrist Association of Uganda
United Kingdom Association of Optometrists (UK)
United Kingdom The College of Optometrists
USA American Optometric Association
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Optometric Association

If at any time you would like to have your name or organization removed from this membership list, please email