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IAPB Webinar – Focus on Glaucoma: A Glaucoma toolkit for Africa

A Glaucoma Management Toolkit

IAPB is launching the first Toolkit for Glaucoma Management in Sub-Saharan Africa co-developed by more than a dozen high level, renowned glaucoma experts and general ophthalmologists from the region.

This unprecedented and dynamic toolkit, developed and owned by African eye care professionals and glaucoma specialists, will be instrumental in guiding ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists and glaucoma care team members and program planners.

Topic: Launch of a Toolkit for Glaucoma Management in Sub-Saharan Africa
Date: Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 
Time: 12:00pm GMT

Key topic areas:

  • Process and acknowledgment
  • Overview of the Toolkit
  • Implementation of the Toolkit
  • Technical/ Clinical Session


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