Our mission is to facilitate the development of optometry around the world and support optometrists in promoting eye health and vision care as a human right through advocacy, education, policy development and humanitarian outreach.

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Optometrist Code of Conduct

It is your duty as an optometrist to:

  1. Keep your patients’ eye, vision and general health your first priority
  2. Respect the rights and dignity of patients regarding their health care decisions
  3. Advise your patients whenever consultation with, or referral to, another optometrist or other healthcare professional is appropriate
  4. Ensure confidentiality and privacy of patients’ health and other personal information
  5. Strive to ensure that all people have access to eye and vision care
  6. Advance your professional knowledge and skills
  7. Maintain your practice in accordance with professional health care standards
  8. Promote ethical and cordial relationships with all members of the health care community
  9. Uphold the dignity, honor and integrity of the optometric profession