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Thanks for Joining us in Bringing Awareness on World Sight Day

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) would like to thank everyone who participated in raising awareness for World Sight Day, October 8th! It is only through a united effort that we will be able to improve awareness and knowledge globally. Below are just some activities from WCO members:

  • Laura Ajab and the MUBS National Wellness Network in Lebanon organized a webinar to promote awareness and discuss how to protect eyes during online studying and use of digital devices.
  • Mexican Association of Faculties School, Colleges and Councils (AMFECCO) orchestrated a successful World Sight Day Program with events including:
    • IV AMFECCO Visual Health Forum in the Senate of the Republic through webinar, with the following topics “Prevention of Myopia” by Dr. Efraín Castellanos, “Vision and Productivity” by Mtra. Cecilia Escobar, “Vision and road safety” by Lic. Optar. Karla Bernal, COVID – 19 and the vision of Mtro. Jesús Espinosa and “Is optometry an essential activity?” by Mtro. Carlos Quiroz.
    • Photography contest where the 4 best contestants were awarded and kits for optometric use were delivered.
    • More information about AMFECCO’s World Sight Day program can be found here.
  • The University of Buraimi organized a webinar, held a photo and poster competition and more.
  • Optometry Council of India (OCI) asked their members to share videos and posters to spread awareness on World Sight Day.
  • Essilor – Vision for Life partnered with the Community Advancement Initiative for Self-Reliance in Nigeria and conducted free vision screenings and provided glasses donated by Essilor-Vision for Life. In all, the total of 54 free spectacles were dispensed.

Congratulations to all that participated to bring awareness to vision impairment and blindness! We encourage you to continue to bring awareness throughout the year, and we look forward to your continued participation in 2021.

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