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WHO Releases COVID-19 Rehabilitation Course & Updated Clinical Management Guidance

Please see below for the message from WHO regarding their new COVID-19 Rehabilitation Course and updated Clinical Management Guidance.


NEW free online course on COVID-19 rehabilitation

COVID-19 has created enormous surges of rehabilitation needs. These needs are present now, in our hospitals in critical care settings, in our recovery wards, and in our communities, and they will persist even once the pandemic is brought under control. At the same time, the pandemic has severely disrupted rehabilitation services – services that many people recovering from the virus will depend on.

Health workers and rehabilitation professionals need to be prepared to meet the growing rehabilitation needs of people recovering from COVID-19. To support this  WHO, with input of international experts, has developed a 7-module course on rehabilitation as part of our free training series on the Clinical Management of COVID-19 in OpenWHO.org.

The free-to-access course introduces rehabilitation for people with COVID-19 including the key concepts of rehabilitation for the most common impairments associated to COVID-19. Each module lasts 20-30 minutes and learners have the opportunity to earn certificates for both completion and high achievement.

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Updated WHO COVID-19 Clinical Management Guidance

An additional resource on rehabilitation for people with COVID-19 is the latest version of WHO’s COVID-19 Clinical Management: Living Guidance published on 25th January. Rehabilitation considerations are integrated across all phases of care, including in the new chapter “Care of COVID-19 patients after acute illness.” In addition, Chapter 19 of the guide is dedicated exclusively to rehabilitation.

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Please share the link to the free rehabilitation course and COVID-19 Clinical Management: Living Guidance with your networks of health professionals.

For any additional information provided by WHO in relation to COVID-19 and rehabilitation please visit our website.

By working together, we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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