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PRESS RELEASE: United Nations General Assembly commits countries to eye care for all by 2030

WCO is excited to share that the United Nations General Assembly has adopted the Vision for Everyone; accelerating action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Resolution committing the international community to eye health for the 1.1 billion people living with preventable sight loss by 2030.

The resolution was passed unanimously by all 193 countries of the United Nations. It sets a target for vision for everyone by 2030, with countries set to ensure full access to eye care services for their populations, and to make eye health integral to their nation’s commitment to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

View the below press release to learn more!


UN Resolution Press Release WCO


Thank you to IAPB and the United Nations Friends of Vision group, and to all the countries that co-sponsored the resolution. For more information, visit iapb.org/united-nations-general-assembly-resolution-on-vision.

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